Cross-over vocalist Jean Lenke, The Jean Therapy Band & Jazz Combos compromise an eclectic group of musicians playing an interesting fusion of Classic Jazz, Folk, & 60's & 70's Jazz-Rock Fusion.


“It’s a musical space with a complex history and haunting appeal - a space to revisit and celebrate. It’s that amazing moment when you hear a really great song you haven't heard in years and you still know every word.” ~ Jean Lenke                           


The jean Therapy 60's 70's Jazz-Rock Fusion Tribute Band celebrates the sophistication of master musicians like Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana, Joni Mitchell’s jazz-rock period, Sergio Mendez and other great artists of the 60's & 70's with their own modern interpretations of classic Fusion music. Slightly off center, yet hauntingly familiar - this unique cover band’s repertoire is fun & unexpected.


“The music we play is part of our collective DNA. It’s a mixture of the popular music grew up on through the 70’s and the music that our parents played on the AM radio, ubiquitous, always there as we drove to the shore in the back of our parent’s station wagon. Whether you love it or hate it, songs like ‘Walk on By’ & ‘Its Too Late' are imprinted in our brains.” ~ Dan McKay


The band is available for community concerts and all types of evening and daytime entertainment and is always family-friendly.  Versatile and adaptable with an endless catalog of music, The Jean Therapy Band offers 6-9 pieces with song selections that include classic rock, jazz-rock fusion, latin-rock, funk, soul, pop & blues... staples from the 60’s & 70’s, and standout contemporary hits. 


The Jean Therapy Jazz Combos offer classic  Jazz, Blues & Boogaloo. They bring stylish entertainment to any environment be it a Gatsby Style Wedding or a neighborhood BBQ ~ the perfect prescription or any event.


The Acoustic Duos & Trios offer an eclectic mix of songs from The American Song Book, classic Jazz Standards, Blues, Beatles, "Yacht-Rock" favorites and modern Singer-Songwriter tunes.


Bespoke music lists are available for weddings and other special events.


Jean Therapy - We’re flexible, we’re fun, and the music we bring to the table is exceptional.



Everyone needs a little … Jean Therapy.