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Get Naked!

Naked in the garden? Not really. Naked in the studio - maybe!


Pete Bretz, Dan McKay and I playing music together 13 years ago and as we ended it in 2019, we wanted to leave you with a little gift. We've recorded a few of our all-time favorite tunes as "The Original Trio", in a "naked" format with no editing, no do-over dubbed fixes, just us doing our thing together, live.
If you came to the party, you got this link, and we hope you enjoy the preview of this project! It's a very special tune, just for you, to say THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT over the years.

If you share your address with us we will let you know when the completed FREE Mixtape is available for download later this summer and about where we all go from here!









Now ~ go forth ~ be real ~ #getnaked!


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