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Buy my Album & Support those in Need

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Purchase a download of my album Restless, here on my site, through May 30th, and I will donate 100% of sales to my local Food Bank, in Jefferson County, Washington.

It's simple. While many others are really suffering during the Covid-19 crisis, I am fortunate enough to have someone to take care of me and cover our bills.

Food Banks across the nation are always struggling to take care of increasing needs in our communities and now they are being pushed to their limits and beyond. Many of those in need are struggling musicians who gig daily to pay their rent and for food and are now without any work at all.

So, buy my album if you haven't already. If you have it already, order a hard copy, and give it to someone who is stuck at home. Send it to your Grandma!

You will love my album! It's a perfect eclectic mix of all of the music I love with some wonderful classic standards and a lot of original music! I really hope you enjoy it! ~ XX OO, Jean Lenke

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