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It's Never Too Late to Follow a Dream!

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Today is Joni Mitchell's Birthday and today I dropped my very first SINGLE recording - a cover of Joni's beautiful song, Help Me! Happy Birthday Joni!

If you know me as an artist, you know this song is a signature song and I sing it in just about every show I perform in. It's a gorgeous song, beautifully written with lyrics and music that give me the shivers!

This single is very important to me for many reasons. It's a tribute to the music I have played for years with my Jean Therapy Music Family, it's my own tribute to Joni Mitchell, one of the greatest song writers of all time, and it's also a special sneak peek into my new album RESTLESS!, which will be released on December 13th in Philadelphia!

My Album Release Concert & Party will be Friday December 13th, 8 pm at Jamey’s House of Music in Lansdown, PA (Philadelphia). I hope you can join me!

Please share with me in my excitement & joy today by doing 3 things for me:

LISTEN to"HELP ME" Online Today!

Like it! Save it to your playlists! Buy the Single!

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Follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more news!

Get your Tickets to my Dec 13th Album Release Concert!

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