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#Home for the Holidays...

We're less than a week out from Thanksgiving and many of us are thinking about home and what that means to us? Where is #home for you this year?

My husband Marc & I made and impromptu decision earlier this year to pack up and move across the country from Philly to Seattle (really far west of Seattle). It's a plan we had thought about previously, but on a much longer timetable. We left behind 22 years of our lives, a house & wonderful friends that we loved, and all of our children on the Eastern part of our county. We went in search of a new dream ~ "East of the Sun, West of the Moon, we'll build a dream house of love dear..." (Brooks Bowman)... and what we found was paradise, a natural wonder, "a window on the mountains and the sea, how lovely..." (Gene Lees). We also found long drives to get anywhere, scarce services, and our dream house plans (???) ... well let's just say we will be here a good while waiting for that first shovel to go in the ground!

So, Thanksgiving in Port Ludlow, WA is upon us. Marc is flying, my mother (92 now!) & I will visit new friends and then dine in a little cafe in Port Townsend... and our kids...they are building new traditions with other family members, and traveling the world, instead of coming home this season. We'll see them all at Christmas but this first Thanksgiving without them definitely hurts.

Even when everyone is home, it's never prefect is it? Sometimes it's wonderful! Sometimes its a struggle. Sometimes it's just what we make of it, wherever we are, and wherever we are going. Our relationship with home is a journey swaying back and forth with the tides.

This season, I offer you, HOME AT LAST , and hope you too will think about what your journey home means to you, where you've been and where you are going. And do put my songs on your Holiday playlists and let me know what you and your family think of them! I'd love to hear from you!

* You can find HOME AT LAST today on most major listening platforms, also with my Joni Mitchell cover, HELP ME, released earlier this month. Just search "Jean Lenke Home at Last" or click one of the links below.

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