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KPTZ with a Jean Therapy West ~ Rainshadow Re-Run!

TUNE IN to 91.9 FM at 3 pm Friday the 4th, 3 pm PST, 6 pm EST! LISTEN LIVE online at

KPTZ Presents a re-run of last August 28th Live broadcast from Rainshadow Recording! i

KPTZ Radio Port Townsend broadcasts a concert every Friday from 3-4pm, with help from a talented pool of musicians, our rotating DJ hosts, and Rainshadow Recording owner & operator Everett Moran.

Featured Artist:

Jean Lenke & The Jean Therapy West Jazz Band.

Jean Lenke, vocals, Francesco Crosara, piano, Ted Enderle, bass, Angie Tabor, drums, & Leif Gearhart-Hall, trumpet.

Crossover jazz-folk fusion artist Jean Lenke@ has been creating diverse live music for many years in the Philadelphia area with the Jean Therapy Music projects and is now starting new adventures in Washington’s great northwest. As a performing artist, composer, lyricist, and bandleader she brings the joy of her parent’s music of the 1940’s together with the spirit of the Folk & Jazz-Rock Fusion soundtrack of her own youth in an eclectic mix. Familiar, yet slightly off center, with haunting appeal.

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