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Is this my midlife crisis? Absolutely!

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

PC: Samara Navin, Pacific Moon Photography, 2019

I recently read a great article in the Washington Post about how many women in their 50’s are reinventing themselves! It's so inspiring! 

I started singing in my mid 40’s and have been performing live music for 12 years now. Oh no! Did I just give away my age? Oh well, my new photos tell the truth anyway. Life is about accepting change and working with it!

We never know where life will take us. Things stir within us that we cannot always identify right away - bursting fourth in unexpected moments. Over time they can grow into miraculous things! 

Looking back to those first years of music making and discovering my voice with Jean Therapy, I would have never imagined then that I would be recording a full length studio album and releasing music publicly to the world!

My experiences with so many wonderful musicians ~ Jean Therapy ~ The Red Rose Project ~ Just Roses ~ and The Divanation Philly Collective ~ all led me to this point ~ inspiring me to do it all!

It just goes to show that you are never too old to start following your dreams! Listen to your restless heart, stop wondering, and just go for it!

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