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The Red Rose Combo


Celebrate 100 yrs of Women's Suffrage! Book a special concert!

With performance ensembles in Seattle, Philadelphia & Ottowa, The Red Rose Jazz Combos highlight the work of women composers and lyricists from the early 20s to today with classic and contemporary Jazz interpretations of the standards, popular music, and their own original compositions. 


As an all women's collaborative, we take our name in honor of Violet Oakley and her "Red Rose Girls" who chose to live and work together in solidarity - focused on their art. We don’t live together - but do love working together and love playing great music written by great women! 


Each exceptional Jazz artists in their own right, The Roses including many outstanding female Jazz musicians. The collaborative performs in many creative formations - always interesting, full of innovation, emotion, and elegance. 


The Roses Combos are available for special concert performances and private events in the greater Seattle & British Columbia area,  on the West Coast, Greater Philadelphia area, and Ottowa, Ontario, Canada.


Reach out! We'd love to come to play for you!


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