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If you attended a performance recently and appreciated what you heard, we welcome your gratuity. Donations to the band may be made via:




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One of the best ways to support an I dependent musical artist like myself is to invest in the journey with me.

Purchase music directly from met, support my new projects, attend my concerts, and become a "super fan"!

Please consider downloading my beautiful album Restless or ordering a hard copy! They make great gifts!

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​Coming in 2024!

2023 will bring the release of a brand-new Jazz-Folk recording project, “The Sea, The Sky”, celebrating and sharing with you life in my new home on the magnificent the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and honoring beloved Folk & Jazz artists Joni Mitchell, Abbey Lincoln, Sandy Denny, Ritchie Havens, Marian McPartland and many others.

“Living on the Olympic Peninsula these past two years has changed my perspective about how I present the music I love. It’s a wild wild world out here, full of glorious greens & blues, all shades and hues, and it’s all about living life fully, doing your own thing, finding your true self and expressing emotion honesty. I’m returning to the music and artists I first loved and I'm celebrating them in my own eclectic and creative way!”

Starting a project during Covid (Winter of 2021) has been an interesting experience. My first album Restless was recorded live in two studio sessions and this project is being arranged via Zoom sessions and recorded with few of us actually face to face in the studio...  a patch-work quilt of sorts... very folk-sy, metaphorically!

I've already been working on the new project with some very special Seattle Jazz Musicians ~ Brian Monroney on Guitars & Arrangements, Keith Lowe, Upright Base, David Lange, Accordion and I will soon be bringing in Matt Jorgensen on the Drums & Percussion as well as Thomas Elliot on the Trumpet.

In the New Year I'll be sharing monthly updates about my recording project, sneak peaks, video links, sponsorship opportunities, and early releases. Come with me.


Come with me on my new journey!

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Also in 2024...
The Red Rose Project!

2023 will also bring the release of a series of studio recordings done as part of the Red Rose Project, celebrating women composers & lyricists! The first segment has already been started with Philadelphia musicians Suzzette Ortiz, Piano, Jim Stager, Bass, Sherri Maricle, Drums, & Lynn Riley on Saxophone. My intensions are to do session in Seattle as well, and possibly elsewhere! We'll see where it goes! 

The artwork for each single - I'm working on that right now!

Learn more about the Roses here!

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Thank You
for Your Support

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