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Jean Lenke
Jazz Folk & Blues ~ All Shades, All Hues

With a beautifully smooth and soulful voice, Pacific Northwest Jazz, Folk & Blues vocal artist Jean Lenke paints music in full color, with broad strokes and a free hand. As bandleader her approach to music is free spirited, crossing boundaries and mixing genres ~ she doesn’t always color inside the lines.


Whether performing with an intimate acoustic Duo or Trio, with her 6-piece "Jean Therapy West Band”, or with her all women Red Rose Quintet, Jean’s fresh approach to Classic Jazz is influenced by an eclectic mix of mid-century Folk,  Jazz-Rock Fusion and Soulful heartfelt passion for life. 

Her current projects include a Jazz-Folk tribute album, due out in the spring of 2024, and a series of singles celebrating women composers!

The Sea the Sky, the new Jazz-Folk project currently in the works celebrates all the shades and hues that life brings us here in the great Pacific Northwest! Jean plans to turn the project on the west coast in small intimate house concert venues.

The Celebrate Women Series is tied to her art work and should prove to be an exciting crossover piece of art and music!


This fall Jean launches a new sound The Jean Therapy Experiment, a new quartet throwing down a fusion of mid-century Jazz, Soul & funkier 70's grooves. 

Follow along and Experience the Magic!

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Album Release Date: 12.13.19

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